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Daydream No. 1 - Original

(2014) Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 36"

Award - Minted’s For Art’s Sake Challenge Editors’ Pick. Limited edition prints are for sale exclusively through Minted

Award winning original painting “Daydream No. 1” sets a calming landscape, just abstracted enough that it can take you away to your favorite place. Perhaps a distant town or welcoming escape, whatever the case this work transports your soul to nostalgic times. This very neutral palette is layered with subtle undertones of sage as well as hints of teal. Finished in gold on 1.375" gallery wrapped canvas, this painting is wired and ready to hang. Signed on the back.

Type: Original


Sold Out

An original painting is one-of-a kind work created by artist Julia Contacessi. When you purchase an original, you purchase the only one in existence. Some originals are created on paper and others on canvas. Stretching and framing details are unique to each work and those specifics are noted in the product description. Included along with your original (sometimes mailed separately) is a signed certificate of authenticity that will include details about the artwork like the title, dimensions, date created and value.

To learn more about originals, visit the FAQ page.