Metallic Accents

Looking to add something special to your art collection? An original work with metallic accents may be just what you’re looking for. Browse all available original paintings by Julia Contacessi that utilize gold and silver metallic materials — including metallic paints, micas, bronzing powders and foils. These materials combined with fluid compositions create dimension and interest with ever changing details from different views and in different light.
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Browse Julia’s original works with metallic accents. They are just the perfect touch to warm up your home.
Destination of Fate - Original Destination of Fate - Original
Promise - Original Promise - Original
Odyssey - Original Odyssey - Original
Salt & Sandstone - Original Salt & Sandstone - Original
Malibu Gold No. 1 - Original Malibu Gold No. 1 - Original
Malibu Gold No. 2 - Original Malibu Gold No. 2 - Original
Honey Rumble - Original Honey Rumble - Original
Mystique - Original Mystique - Original