Abstract Wall Art Collection

Julia’s combination of conscious and subconscious compositional exploration results in works that deliver an atmospheric, feel-good effect. Her abstract paintings are the perfect enhancement to any home décor. Originals and custom-made reproductions are available for purchase.
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Browse Julia’s custom-made print reproductions. Then feel free to select your favorite pieces and customize the print size, material and finishing options to create a unique, made-to-order reproduction for your home.
Saint Helena - Print Saint Helena
Starting at $98.00
Gallery wrapped canvas print of Labradorite Dream No. 1 finished in a gold and black floater frame Labradorite Dream - Print
Starting at $98.00
Escaping Light - Print Install photo by Tammy Damore of “A House in Bloom” features a 24x30 paper print of “Escaping Light” finished in white mat and frame.
Starting at $158.00
Aurora - Print Aurora - Print
Starting at $98.00
Equinox - Print Equinox - Print
Starting at $158.00
Storybook Dreams - Print Storybook Dreams - Print
Starting at $98.00
Promise - Print Promise - Print
Starting at $108.00
The Vanishing - Print The Vanishing - Print
Starting at $78.00
Shop Abstract Originals
View Julia’s collection of original abstract paintings. Her works are available for purchase here on the site as well as through gallery partners. Once you’ve found the perfect piece, locate where is came be viewed and purchased.
The Vanishing - Original The Vanishing - Original
Solar Tide - Original Solar Tide - Original
Purity - Original Purity - Original
Basking in Twilight - Original Basking in Twilight - Original
Odyssey - Original Odyssey - Original
$7,425.00 $8,250.00
Second Sight - Original Second Sight - Original
Dancing in Light - Original Dancing in Light - Original
$3,952.50 $4,650.00
Timeless No. 1 - Original Timeless No. 1 - Original