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Shop Julia’s collection of art print sets. These works are part of a series or pieces that work well paired with another. They may even be one large piece that looks great divided into two or three. Play with the pairings, arranging them as you like, to fit your space and your needs. Each listing is for one work so you can customize to suite your needs.
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Traces of Light - Embellished Set Traces of Light - Embellished Set
$325.00 $400.00
$325.00 $400.00
Bundle and SAVE. Set of Embellished prints — Traces of Light No. 1 and No. 2. This color field study, inspired by American painter Mark Rothko’s works, celebrates the beauty of the imperfect. A simple gold embellishment accents the uniqueness of the piece.Sold as a set. Each print is embellished with gold metal leaf...