Artist Made Prints with Hand

Applied Embellishments.
After years of exploring different ways of incorporating all the aspects of Julia Contacessi’s original work into her reproductions, NeNe Art was born.

NeNe Art is a collection of unique art prints, the product of Julia’s creative process and experiments. Each print is handmade — one at a time. Each print is unique and special. They are a wonderful combination of multimedia digital art pieces and hand applied details, making each print one-of-a-kind. No two are ever exactly the same.

NeNe Art prints are created on a mix of substrates — including watercolor paper, fine art canvas and linen. Julia is constantly exploring materials so you may also come across a print offered on a different speciality substrate and more options may be added in the future.

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Obsessed with Metallics and Shine

NeNe Art prints are not limited to one type of embellishment. Metal leaf, foil, bronzing powder and sometimes even texture mediums are used in our prints.

Frame and Finish NeNe Art Prints as You Like.

How a piece of artwork is displayed can vary depending on one’s preference and style. As such, NeNe Art prints are sold unframed and ship flat or rolled in a tube.

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to display your artwork, then check out the GALLERY. You’ll find a ton of inspiration on finishing and framing methods.

You can also visit our RESOURCES page to find links to a variety of supplies you might like as well as suggestions on how to finish your artwork once you receive it.