Shop Julia’s abstract and landscape art print reproductions and transform your space with the perfect piece of art. There are also custom print sets available in series of twos and threes. Each print is custom-made using the highest quality process and materials. There are a variety of options available from framed paper prints to gallery wrapped canvas reproduction prints. Select your favorite piece and customize the print size, material and finishing options to create a unique, made-to-order reproduction for your home.
Starting at $74.00
Taking flight into one’s own world, the energetic brushwork of “Mid-Summer Night No. 1” grabs hold of the viewer and commands escape into the ethereal, dream-like surroundings of the piece. Inspired by William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Pairs beautifully with Mid-Summer Night No. 2. This work is available as a custom-made reproduction....
Starting at $78.00
Just off in the distance is a world of calm. Escape for just a moment in the glow of “Lavender Smoke.” This cool soft palette is also loaded with subtle undertones of color that illuminate the sky. This work is available as a custom-made reproduction. Select your desired print size, material and...